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Here's what the press has been saying about our shop, and about the fantastic food that can be found in our small city:

WCSH's Rob Caldwell visits Rabelais to see what we're up to.

Monday November 28, 2016

WCSH's Rob Caldwell visits Rabelais to see what we're up to. 


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Rare, Old Cookbooks & What they Teach Us.

Wednesday November 9, 2016

Peggy Grodinsky of the Portland Press Herald talks to us about cookbooks and Rabelais. 

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Domino Magazine visits Portland (and Biddeford)

Wednesday August 10, 2016

Domino Magaine mentions the irresistible one-two punch of Palace Diner and Rabelais Books, Very happy to be on this list!

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A National Treasure of a Cookbook Store

Friday November 20, 2015

"A national treasure of a cookbook store that specializes in out-of-print and rare tomes, some of which are hundreds of years old. At the time of year owners Don and Samantha Lindgren frequently travel, so call ahead to make an appointment, even simply to browse or buy the latest Ottolenghi...

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Fanny Kemble' Manuscript Cookery Book, in Fine Books & Collections

Monday November 9, 2015

"For today’s installment, we take a page from our fall issuefeature on collecting cookbooks and highlight the manuscript recipe book of actress and author Fanny Kemble. It will be on offer from Rabelais Books at the Boston International Antiquarian Book Fairbeginning Friday evening. 

Kemble (1809-1893) was a very popular English-born stage actress. She married American...

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The Simple Perfection of a Cookbook Store

Wednesday September 9, 2015 - Monday November 9, 2015

"A shop filled with nothing but food books is a certain form of heaven"

"Indeed, some stores have serious culinary pedigrees: Kitchen Arts and Letters was a favorite of James Beard and Julia Child, and is a necessary pilgrimage spot for food-world celebrities like Ferran Adria. Biddleford, Maine's Rabelais is as beloved...

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More on the Kramer Collection

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Kramer Collection of American Cookery placed at Bowdoin College

Tuesday September 1, 2015

Rabelais is pleased to have been the agent for the placement of the Esta Kramer Collection of American Cookery at Bowdoin College. The large collection of Amerian cookbooks, dating from 1772, was assembled over many years by Clifford Apgar. 

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On Nigel Slater in The New Yorker

Monday June 22, 2015

"'His relationship with food isn’t based entirely on marvelous meals. It’s as much about the failures as it is about the successes,' Lindgren said, fidgeting a little with the excitement of a specialist."

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Rum Riots in Take Magaine

Saturday May 30, 2015 - Wednesday June 3, 2015

"We caught up with one of the presenters, well-known Portland bartender John Myers, before he was too breathless from mixing up mint juleps for 20. (Yup, that’s part of his presentation. Even the chats feature booze at this event.) Myers, who works at the Portland Hunt + Alpine Club, and Don...

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Food Editor Peggy Grodinsky on collecting cookbooks

Wednesday May 20, 2015

"Are my books worth anything, I asked? “Well,” Lindgren said, hesitating politely. “Not really… There are a lot of used books in the world.” (That’s the short version. In fact, he generously spent 20 minutes on the phone and spoke articulately and fascinatingly about the nature of collecting, shelf order...

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A Round-Up of Ephemera 35 in Antiques and the Arts Weekly

Monday April 6, 2015

Antiques & the Arts Weekly gives us a shout out in their round-up coverage of the 35th Annual Ephemera Society of America Conference. Held every March in Greenwich, CT, the conference and paper fair, bring together the best dealers, collectors, insitutions and scholars to share ephemera. 

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North Spore Mushroom CSA and Rabelais

Sunday February 1, 2015

"There are CSAs for almost everything edible these days. Is North Spore really the first winter mushroom CSA in Maine? “As far as I know,” Thanhauser said. “I would almost guarantee that.” In the summer, the trio hopes to add a foraged mushroom CSA, but for now, from January to...

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