Rum Riots in Take Magaine

Saturday, May 30, 2015 - Wednesday, Jun 03, 2015

"We caught up with one of the presenters, well-known Portland bartender John Myers, before he was too breathless from mixing up mint juleps for 20. (Yup, that’s part of his presentation. Even the chats feature booze at this event.) Myers, who works at the Portland Hunt + Alpine Club, and Don Lindgren, owner of Rabelais, an acclaimed Biddeford, Maine bookshop specializing in food and drink, will talk about the history of the cocktail book and cocktail ephemera. They’ll also be serving up four different cocktails from different eras.”

“Books are a great vehicle for transmitting culture,” says Myers, noting this is especially true in niche markets such as cocktail books and cookbooks. “The names and ingredients evoke the times so transparently,” he says."