Publisher's Weekly

Wednesday, Jul 07, 2010

Maine Cookbook Store Owners Win Display Contest, Jet Off to Barcelona

This past weekend, Don Lindgren and Samantha Hoyt Lindgren, owners of culinary bookstore Rabelais in Portland, Maine, left for an eight-day stay in Barcelona, courtesy of Actar D publishers. The Lindgrens won the publisher's display contest for their in-store art installation Food For Thought, Thought for Food, a literary tribute to Ferran Adria. The installation, by Portland-based artists Jenna Crowder and Claire Houston, featured one-of-a-kind nature prints of various fruits and vegetables produced at Pickwick Independent Press, a fine art printing facility in Portland. As part of the installation, a short film ran on a screen in the store, and for the opening reception guests were invited to have their photo taken with selected food quotes. A short multi media presentation of the event can be seen at the Rabelais website.