Thirty-one Menus from the Grand Hotels of New Hampshire's Atlantic Shore and White Mountains.

[New Hampshire: 1852-1901].

Thirty-one different menus, plus four related promotional pieces (35 pieces together,) all assorted broadsides, broadsheets, and bi-folds (various sizes). Some are illustrated with engravings, others with chromolithograph or hand-colored illustrations. Some of the menus are both printed and manuscript; most are print only. Condition varies but is mostly very good to fine. Five decades of menus and other items from the Golden Age of New Hampshire hotels. Hotels include: Mount Pleasant House, Senter House, Twin Mountain House, Profile House, Crawford House, The Oceanic, Intervale House, Farragut House, Franklin House, Winnecummet House, Prospect House, The Wentworth, Lafayette House, The Kearsarge, House of Seven Gables, Strawberry Hill House, the Moosilaukee (sp?), Forbyen House (sp?), Boar's Head House, Van Ness & American Hotels, Ormand, Pearson's House, Everett House, and Lakeside House. ~ Condition is largely very good to fine, though a few items show adhesion marks or stains from being removed from early albums. All are loose in sleeves in a three-ring binder. A compilation of rare menus displaying the full range of New Hampshire Hotels during the height of their opulence.

Price: $4,500.00