A Study of the Dietary and Value of Living of 44 Japanese Families in Hawaii.

[Honolulu]: University of Hawaii, [1938].

University of Hawaii Bulletin: volume XVIII, number 2. Booklet, stapled in wrappers (23 x 15.5 cm.), 27 pages. Tables; bibliography. FIRST EDITION. A survey of Japanese families living in Hawaii, with a review of the families, their incomes, the value of family living, the diet itself, and a summary. One can wonder how quickly the lives of those surveyed changed in the years immediately following this publication. Carey Dunlap Miller (born 1895) was Professor of Foods and Nutrition at the University of Hawaii. With the Ex-Libris stamps and appropriate "Discard” stamps of the U.S.D.A. Library of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Besides that, very good in wrappers. [OCLC locates forty-two copies].

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