Anglo-Australasian Steam Navigation Company, Limited, S.S. Port Chalmers, Wm. Milburn & Co. (London).

London: Wm. Milburn & Co., 1892.

Bi-fold menu (15 x 10.5 cm.), [4] pages. Printed in red, gold and blue, with menu handwritten. Menu for the voyage of the S.S. Port Chalmers, dated in ink on the front panel, "16/10/92". The internal page-spread includes the handwritten menu items including, "Giblet Soup, Boiled Turbot … , Sheep Head and Brains, Roast Turkey & Breast…, Boiled Beef & Carrots, Baked and Boiled Potatoes, French Beans and Turnip, Plum Pudding & Sweet …, Lemon Jelly, Gorgonzola & Cheddar, Almonds & Raisins”. Lightly soiled, but still very attractive. ~ The Anglo-Australasian Steam Navigation Co. was formed in 1883 to operate direct UK – Australia services via Antwerp, and the line was to later adopt the name "Milburn Line". There were two ships that plied the Milburn Line commissioned with the name Port Chalmers. This menu hails from the first, built in 1891, so it was a nice shiny new ship when the passengers on board had this meal. The ship was sold on in 1896 and lasted until 1956. A second ship with the name was built in 1905 but was seized by the Germans in 1914. Lightly soiled, but still very attractive.

Price: $150.00