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[Collection of Canning Pamphlets].
Various: 1915-1975. Pamphlets and booklets in a range of sizes, not exceeding 28 x 21.5 cm. A collection of thirty-two instructional pamphlets and ephemeral items on the topic of home-canning and commercially canned products issued primarily by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and companies whose products are used in the canning process. USDA publications represented include partial runs of Farmers’ Bulletin and Home and Garden Bulletin and those produced by... (Item #4681)
Price: $120.00
“The Hygenia Tooth Pick” [Box]. Manufactured for R.L. Stratton & Co., Wholesale Grocers, Staunton, Va.
Staunton, Va: R.L. Stratton & Co. [Circa 1918]. 21 x 19.5 cm, flat box template. White board with blue, red, and gold ink. A box for “Hygeia” Brand toothpicks that boast “two flat polished points” and are “strictly high grade”. Slight rubbing and creasing, else good. (Item #3595)
Price: $20.00
London Mercantile Price-Current, No. 735. West India and Spanish Main Produce.
London: N.S. Price, 1826. Quarter-fold circular, 31.75 x 25 cm. Paginated 268-272. A single issue of this necessary economic periodical itemizing London's imports and exports. Import information includes tables featuring a list of produce (divided regionally), with prices, customs duty and drawback. Additional information regarding stocks, exchanges, and public sales included. Regions highlighted are West-Indies, East-India, continental northern Europe, Mediterranean Europe, North American, South American, Baltic. Includes an inclusive of... (Item #3266)
Price: $150.00
London Mercantile Price-Current, No. 735. West India and Spanish Main Produce.
[Advertising Hand-fan].
Pawtucket, RI: Eastern Advertising Co., Mfrs. [undated, after 1892]. Hand-fan, 29 x 20.5 cm. Illustrated. A functional advertising piece promoting the George W. Smith & Son Confectionery and Cracker Company. Established in Hanover, New Hampshire in 1815 and relocated to White River Junction, Vermont in 1871, the company was renowned for their “Hanover” crackers and large confectionery business. The paper fan, illustrated in black and white with a pastoral scene... (Item #3599)
Price: $50.00
Gastronomique, a Cookbook for Gourmets.
Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1958. Large octavo (24 x 16.5 cm.), 384 pages. Index. Illustrated by Jean Simpson. FIRST EDITION. "Add a touch of the unusual and the exotic to entertaining! It's easy to do..." (jacket copy). Ida Bailey Allen's career included work as an editor at the New York American, Good Housekeeping, Pictorial Review, and Woman's World. She was a culinary radio and television pioneer... (Item #6198)
Price: $90.00
Gastronomique, a Cookbook for Gourmets. Ida Bailey Allen, Ida Cogswell Bailey Allen.
Austin, Nichols & Co. Trade Circular & Price List, New York, April 11, 1879.
New York: Austin, Nichols & Company, 1879. Small quarto in wrappers, 21 pages. Importers and dealers in teas, staple and fancy groceries, Austin, Nichols, & Company issued trade circular highlighting goods available in their New York location. From cabinets, cigarettes, and soap to olive oil, rock candy and French capers, wide variety of items listed along with illustrated advertisements for specific brands. Fold-creases and some edge-wear, otherwise very good condition... (Item #3265)
Price: $200.00
Austin, Nichols & Co. Trade Circular & Price List, New York, April 11, 1879. Nichols Austin, Co.
[Broadside] Eaton's Green Pea & Bean Sheller!
Circa 1880s. Broadside, 47.6 x 17.7 cm. Illustrated advertisement, printed on beautiful purple paper, for Eaton's Green Pea and Bean Sheller machine. Includes nine lengthy testimonials, directions, and a list of merchants from Maine to New York. Patented in 1880 by L. Eaton in Worcester, MA and manufactured by L.W. Farmer in Boston. Some edgewear, otherwise very fine condition. (Item #3294)
Price: $90.00
Bought of A.K. Ballard, Manufacturer of Every Description of Stone and Rockingham Ware.
Burlington, VT: 1871. 35 x 21.7 cm. Printed billhead, including etched image of A.K. Ballard’s pottery business and factory. Pre-populated billhead features jugs, molasses jugs, covered cream pots, butter pots, cake pots, preserve jars, tomato or fruit jars, churns, pudding pots, flower pots, plain pitchers, stove pipe safes, bean pots, and Rockingham ware each accompanied by small image of product. Alfred K. Ballard (unknown-1874) founded his company in Burlington, Vermont... (Item #3679)
Price: $350.00
Bought of A.K. Ballard, Manufacturer of Every Description of Stone and Rockingham Ware. Billhead - Stoneware, A. K. Ballard.
Bought of H. Laughlin & Co., Variegated Rockingham and Yellow Ware, East Liverpool, O.
East Liverpool, OH: 1869. 42.5 x 17.3 cm. Printed billhead with small illustration of wares, printed on blue and red lined paper. Pre-populated with prices for Rockingham and Yellow ware products including: chambers, bowls, pie plates, nappie dishes, pitchers, rice dishes, jelly cans, stove tubs, spittoons, mugs, hanging baskets and more. This document predates the founding of Homer Laughlin China Company in East Liverpool, Ohio by two years. Billhead is... (Item #3680)
Price: $350.00
Bo.s of F & J. Ellis Cheesemongers to the Queen.
Brighton: F & J Ellis, 1850. Billhead , 10.5 x 11.5 cm., framed in matte, 39 x 36.5 cm.(matte). Brothers Frederick and Josiah Ellis promote themselves as “cheesemongers to the Queen” on this billhead for services rendered to Lady Musgrave in 1850. Minor crease marks to billhead and some minor edgewear to matte, otherwise fine. (Item #3755)
Price: $300.00
Cummings Bros.
Portland, ME: Cummings Bros. 1929. 27.7 x 21.3 cm. Illustrated printed billhead for Cummings Brothers, “wholesale grocers, beef and provisions”. Bill for Pine Wood Camps in Canton, Maine. Further annotations regarding payment are handwritten. Some discoloration to top edge, creases, and small tear to left edge, otherwise very good. (Item #3631)
Price: $25.00
Record of a Gilded-Age Boston Society Party.
[Boston: Winter, 1896]. A bound volume of autograph letters with the invitation and autograph menu. Octavo (22.5 x 15 x 8 cm.), bound volume of letters mounted on stubs. A superb record of the social grace of an era long gone. Mrs. Francis Blake, wife of the physicist and inventor of telephone fame (see DAB), gave a small ‘dancing’ party for the society ‘A’ list of Boston. Participants were to... (Item #6716)
Price: $750.00
Record of a Gilded-Age Boston Society Party. Boston Society, Francis Blake.
“Our Bond Tooth Picks” [Box].
[Circa 1918]. 21 x 19.5 cm, flat box template. White board with blue ink. A box for “Our Bond” Brand toothpicks who guarantee that theirs are made from “Selected State of Maine White Birch” and are “packed under most sanitary conditions”. Slight rubbing, else very good. (Item #3594)
Price: $20.00
The Mine of Wealth.
N.p. [American]: n.d. circa 1860. Four-column broadside, 48.5 x 34cm. Collection of eighty-five household, medical, and commercial recipes, for cures, liniments, soaps, oils, varnish, cider, cherry bounce, lotions, paint, cements, etc. Bit of edgewear and darkening, fold lines, and some light foxing, otherwise very good. With an ownership signature to the verso, "John L. Locke, Dec. 27, 1860" (Item #4816)
Price: $300.00
For Every Article in the Bakery and Confectionery Line Go To A.W. Kleys, Mammoth Bakery [...]
Phoenixville, PA: circa 1890. Broadside, 35.5 x 28 cm; set of six photographs, approximately 13 x 11 cm each; and business card, 4.5 x 9 cm. Broadside with pasted down photograph by A.W. Rothengatter & Company of Philadelphia. Offers fresh baked items daily, seasonal treats, and event catering. Four photographs are pasted down to individual rough-edged board, remainder with descriptions to verso. Photos illustrate various exterior and interior shots of... (Item #3704)
Price: $1,200.00
For Every Article in the Bakery and Confectionery Line Go To A.W. Kleys, Mammoth Bakery [...]. Broadside and Photograph Collection – Bakery, A W. Kleys Bakery/The Kley Baking Company.
Notice to Shippers of Live Stock. On and after Friday next, June 6th, 1862.
Chicago: 1862. Broadside, 25.4 x 20.3 cm. Notice to shippers of an increase of rates for livestock traveling east from Chicago. Rates outlined for destinations of Detroit or Toledo, Buffalo or Suspension Bridge, Pittsburg, and Lake Erie, Buffalo or Dunkirk. On reverse of broadside are calculations in pencil that include "Dunkirk". Small tear and fold-marks, otherwise very good condition. (Item #3261)
Price: $150.00
Famous Cows Dollar Butter.
[Burlington, Vt.]: Wells, Richardson and Co. [circa 1894]. Stapled booklet (15.6 x 12.7 cm.), unpaginated. A promotional booklet for butter color, the dye used to color butter and butter-simulating products, including margarine. Though variation in butter color was natural, both seasonally and by breed – some breeds produced milk that was yellower (Jerseys for example), and others whiter (Holsteins for example), by the 1880s, use of these dyes was controversial... (Item #6291)
Price: $150.00
Animal Slinging Railway and Refrigerators.
Boston/Cambridgeport: Chester D. Holmes/J.R. Drew, Printer, 1882. Handbill, 27.3 x 17.8 cm. Illustrated. One-page advertisement for Richard J Davie's "Animal Slinging Railway," patented on July 18, 1882. These meat hangers are "strong" and "light" and come in three sizes. Chester D. Holmes is indicated as the agent for the patentee and uses the lower quarter of the page to advertise various refrigerators for which he lays no claim for patent... (Item #3259)
Price: $90.00
Animal Slinging Railway and Refrigerators. Richard J. Davies, Chester D. Holmes.
A Collection of Twenty-five Early American Tavern Licenses and Related Documents from Southern Vermont and Connecticut.
Southern New England, 1734-1802. The collection includes licenses for named individuals to operate taverns, public inns, or houses of entertainment; town approbations for tavern keepers; and power of attorney documents. Each item is dated and signed; many feature signatures from the town’s Selectmen, Constable, Justice of Peace, Grand Juror, and Civil Authority. The tavern was the center of social and political life in early American communities; the Vermont state constitution... (Item #3587)
Price: $1,100.00
A Collection of Twenty-five Early American Tavern Licenses and Related Documents from Southern Vermont and Connecticut. Early American Tavern License Collection.
Railroad Mills Extra. Wheat Barrel Label.
Rochester, NY: Rochester Daily Advertiser Print, circa 1850s. Broadside, 21.9 x 25.4 cm. Advertisement for F.M. Edson's Railroad Mill in Le Roy, Genesee County, New York. Flour manufactured from local wheat and "equal to any manufactured in the world!" Additionally notes that new machinery ensures clean wheat and thus pure flour. Freeman Edson was one of the founding Directors of the Western Union telegraph Company. Printed on salmon-colored paper that... (Item #3263)
Price: $300.00
Railroad Mills Extra. Wheat Barrel Label. F. M. Edson.
Great Auction Sale of Dry Goods and Groceries.
Augusta, IL: G.M. Finlay & Bro. 1870. Broadside, 29.8 (h) x 22.8 (w) cm. Advertisement for an auction sale of dry good and groceries. G.M. Finlay (1836-1914) born in Ireland, came to Adams County, IL in 1839, served with the 10th Missouri Volunteers during the Civil War, and operated his business in Augusta until 1904. Very minor bumping along bottom edge, otherwise very good condition. (Item #3251)
Price: $200.00
Great Auction Sale of Dry Goods and Groceries. G. M. Finlay.
Invoice/Order Sheet for Kitchen Stoneware.
Lyons, NY: Fisher & Lang/Republican Print, 1883. Billhead. [Illustrated order sheet]. 35.6 (h) x 21.6 (w) cm. Illustrated. Invoice/order sheet for stoneware items purchased from Fisher & Lang (established 1828), a New York purveyor of pots, jugs, pans, and pitchers. Illustrated with seven images of various pot styles, including Cream Pots, Molasses Jugs, Churns, Spittoons, Cala Lilly Pots, and more. Marked in pencil in one hand and thus indicates the... (Item #3268)
Price: $300.00
Invoice/Order Sheet for Kitchen Stoneware. Fisher, Lang.
Handbill. New Pack Salt Fish. 1891. Cleveland, O. January 12, 1891.
Cleveland, Oh. Crangle & Co. 1891. TL, 23 x 15.4 cm. Printed in red and blue, and illustrated with an image of a bass. Solicitation letter from fresh and salt water fish catchers and wholesale dealers, Crangle & Co., a company based in Cleveland, Ohio, describing their wares. Includes dates for Lent, an attempt to further encourage the patronage of fish purveyors. Fold creases otherwise fine. (Item #3279)
Price: $75.00
Handbill. New Pack Salt Fish. 1891. Cleveland, O. January 12, 1891. Fish, Crangle, Co.
It Pays Every Time To have nice bright shiny Fixtures [...]
New York: F.H. Melville, Manufacturers' Agent, circa 1880. Handbill, 14.3 x 8.25 cm. Printed recto only. Illustrated advertisement for Spring Brass Coffee and Spice Scoops. “They make goods show up to a good advantage”. With size options, and price list. Offered by F.H. Melville, a New York manufacturers’ agent. Fine. (Item #3292)
Price: $35.00
It Pays Every Time To have nice bright shiny Fixtures [...]. Handbill - Coffee Scoops, F. H. Melville.
Directions for preserving fruit in Squire's Patent Fruit Jar.
New York: [printed by] A. Penfield, [circa 1865]. Unfolded booklet (13 x 22.5 cm.), [6] pages (if folded). John B. Barlett’s business was located at 69 Murray Street, New York, where he distributed the Squire’s Patent Fruit Jar. “The GREAT SECRET in preserving fruit lies in thoroughly expelling the oxygen, and safely sealing therefrom". The Squire’s Jars used a combination rubber band and cork to achieve this. The cover illustration... (Item #6273)
Price: $100.00

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