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One-page ALS.
1818. One-page ALS, eighteen lines in the hand of and signed by the great epicure and gastronome, Brillat-Savarin, the author of the magnificent Le Physiologie du Gout. Brillat-Savarin was a lawyer and politician, and this letter finds its origin in his legal work. The letter bears three stamps of the Loi de 1816, a tax instituted to restore credit to the state after the financial turmoil of the First Empire... (Item #2578)
Price: $1,200.00
One-page ALS. Brillat-Savarin, Jean-Anthelme.
Changes: Notes on Choreography
New York: Something Else Press, 1968. Squarish octavo, unpaginated. First edition of this engaging exploration of Cunningham's work through his working notebooks, revealing works in progress, and accompanied by the author's speculations about the problems he was attempting to solve. With photographic illustrations of performances throughout. One of the scarcest and most sought after publications of Dick Higgins' Something Else Press. A fine copy in white cloth, with publisher's printed... (Item #3056)
Price: $750.00
Tractatus Novi de Potu Caphé, et de Chinesium The.
Parisiis: Apud Petrum Muguet, 1685. Duodecimo, 169. [4] pages. Index. A fair copy manuscript of the first two sections of Dufour's Tractatus. The third section,on chocolate, is a translation of a separate work, Antonio Colmenero de Ledesma's Curioso Tratado de la Naturaleza y Calidad del Chocolate, etc., and is omitted here. The third part is also not included in the title, which in every other way is a facsimile of... (Item #4326)
Price: $3,500.00
Tractatus Novi de Potu Caphé, et de Chinesium The. Philippe Sylvestre Dufour, , pseud., Jacob Spon, Antonio Colmonero de Ledesma, Bartolomeo Marradon.
Recept Buch für Matilde Lehmann in Liebemuehl. 1853.
Liebemuehl, Prussia: 1853. 20.5 x 17 cm, 140 pages. Text in German. In one neat hand. A cookery book created for Matilde Lehmann of Milomlyn, Poland, formally Liebemuehl in the Province of Prussia. Contains two hundred eighty-six food recipes scaled for household use and partially indexed at the front. Written in narrative form, the recipes include a wide variety of desserts such as puddings, cakes, and torts as well as... (Item #3894)
Price: $750.00
Recept Buch für Matilde Lehmann in Liebemuehl. 1853. German Manuscript Cookery Book, Matilde Lehmann.
Boletus Flavus L. Collected L'Islet County, Que. 1950. [Original watercolor with convolute of related materials].
1950. Original watercolor, 17 x 22 cm. Labeled, signed and dated by the artist in pencil. On watercolor paper which had been mounted on a thicker card stock, now de-laminated, but in remarkably fine condition. Henry A.C. Jackson (1877-1960) was one of Canada's outstanding amateur naturalists. He was the elder brother of landscape painter A.Y. Jackson, and while A.Y. achieved great fame through his art, Henry chose to quietly document... (Item #2368)
Price: $3,500.00
Boletus Flavus L. Collected L'Islet County, Que. 1950. [Original watercolor with convolute of related materials]. Henry A. C. Jackson.
Small Manuscript Recipe Collection.
[New York]: Prior & Bowne, [circa 1845 ff.]. Octavo-sized booklet (15.5 x 10 cm.), [16 pages]. A gathering of recipes in two or more hands (ink with pencil emendations), originating in Duchess County, New York and dating from 1845 or shortly thereafter, in a preprinted notebook originally with twelve leaves (15.5 x 10 cm.), of which the first four have been excised. Initials on the front cover “A.N.P.” likely correspond... (Item #5510)
Price: $350.00
[Stuttgart, Germany]: [1843-47 ff.]. Small octavo (16.5 x 11 cm.), [172] pages. 2 pages recipes; 32 pages of accounts; followed by 34 pages of recipes; 104 blank pages. Text in German. A German apothecary’s recipe manual, in a repurposed account book. The accounts – neatly cancelled with a single line of ink – appear to be those of a Stuttgart tobacconist or Tabakhändler, Gott. Vollmer. Entries in the accounts refer... (Item #6161)
Price: $600.00
Commercial Index to First Hands in Drugs, Paints, Oils and Kindred Branches for 1873-1874 [cover title].
circa 1873. Narrow octavo, 56 pages, plus unpaginated memoranda section. Pages 1-25 of the Commercial Index are pasted over with clippings that include recipes for cakes, preserves, puddings, cookies, pies, and other household hints. Pages 26-55 remain intact with indices of business houses of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh with maps showing locations. Interspersed are advertisements. Page 56-finis are forty-nine handwritten recipes, ranging from fly-paper and taffy to sausages... (Item #3270)
Price: $75.00
Commercial Index to First Hands in Drugs, Paints, Oils and Kindred Branches for 1873-1874 [cover title]. Manuscript Cook Book.
A Receipt to Make Black Cherry Wine.
n.d. Manuscript recipe on single leaf. 15 x 17 cm. Fold lines visible, otherwise fine. (Item #3120)
Price: $90.00
A Receipt to Make Black Cherry Wine. Manuscript Cookery.
Foods Note Book.
Undated. Octavo, 72 hand-numbered pages. Handwritten recipes in a ruled notebook. Manuscript notebook for a "Division #1 food class" by a Gloria Holden. Penciled in neat cursive, topics include notes on food preservation; cold pack methods for tomatoes, peaches, and pears; nutritional value of fruit; general rules for cereals; breakfast and lunch menus; rules for waiting tables; food value of vegetables; plus thirty recipes. Composition notebook; corners and text-block edges... (Item #3345)
Price: $50.00
Foods Note Book. Manuscript Recipe Book - Educational, Gloria Holden.
[Manuscript cookbook recorded in…]; Pierce’s memorandum and account book: designed for farmers, mechanics, and all people...
Buffalo, N.Y.; London: World's Dispensary Medical Association, [1890-91]. Booklet (14 x 8.5 cm.), 48 pages. Illustrated. Printed memorandum and account book, with twenty-six manuscript recipes in pencil, recorded in the memorandum section and in the margins of other pages. The recipes are all for cakes (including Prince of Wales Cake, Hickory Nut-cake, Jelly Rolls, and Alpine Snow Cake), cookies and doughnuts. The booklet also contains the handwritten note, “Dr. S.... (Item #6265)
Price: $150.00
[Manuscript cookbook recorded in…]; Pierce’s memorandum and account book: designed for farmers, mechanics, and all people. Manuscript recipe book, World's Dispensary Medical Association.
[Report of Greater Boston Area Almshouse Menus].
Roxbury, MA: 1849. 24.5 x 20 cm, half-fold manuscript report. A handwritten report by a committee member of the Roxbury almshouse to assess the complaint that there are “Paupers living so much better than other Paupers”. The report quality of houses in the Boston area, looking specifically at menus. A weekly menu for the Charlston, Cambridge, and Roxbury almshouses are outlined specifically, with the conclusion that “New Bedford is the... (Item #4335)
Price: $350.00
[Report of Greater Boston Area Almshouse Menus]. Manuscript – Almshouses.
Small Archive Marking the End of Prohibition.
Baltimore: 1933. Manuscript and typescript letters and notes, mostly 26.6 x 20.3 cm. Three typed letters and manuscript inventory compiled by Howard L. Belt of Baltimore, an import agent. The forty-three-page inventory or log tracks Belt’s incoming and outgoing correspondence regarding the importation and distribution of alcohol in the United States and notes the general subject of each letter’s content. Three letters, all referenced in the inventory, illustrate Belt’s relationship... (Item #3765)
Price: $350.00
Manuscript Notebook of a San Francisco Cellarman.
[San Francisco]: 1892-1901. Duodecimo, about 50 pages. Manuscript in pencil and ink. Small, blank account book for a dry goods store, repurposed as a cellar book for A J. B. Reveyron, who is identified by Crocker-Langley's San Francisco Business Directory (1899), as a "cellarman" located at 135 Perry Street in San Francisco. The book, written in both French and English, records personal expenses, amounts of wine and spirits moving in... (Item #4806)
Price: $1,200.00
[One page autograph letter signed.]
St Louis. MO: [circa 1940]. One page autographed letter signed, from Irma Rombauer, author of The Joy of Cooking, and a major figure in the history of American cooking. Addressed to Louise [Diallo],The last name was supplied by the seller and is not indicated on the letter itself. In black ink on cream colored stationery printed in brown, "Mrs. Edgar Rombauer - 5712 Cabanne Avenue - St. Louis - Mo... (Item #2180)
Price: $4,000.00
[One page autograph letter signed.]. Irma Rombauer.
One page ALS.
1879. One page ALS, 21.1 x 13.65 cm. Clark & Balch, New York-based purveyors of teas, implore Mr. C.C. Palmer to increase "the cost of all the grades of Coffee [...] 2 cents per pound" due to a large advance in the coffee market. Slight fold tear on one side of the letter, otherwise very good. (Item #3277)
Price: $25.00
One page ALS. Tea, Clark, Balch: Importers, Jobbers of Teas.
Weinbau und Kellerwirtshaft [Viticulture and Enology].
[Geisenhiem, Germany]: 1889/90. Octavo, 270, [4] pages. Table of contents. Illustrated. Manuscript of an unpublished work on grape growing and winemaking, by the principal of the School of Fruit and Wine Growing at Slovenia’s University of Malibor. The manuscript is a well-organized treatise on the subject, not a collection of notes, and therefore we believe it is a draft work in progress of an unpublished book. Divided neatly into two... (Item #5350)
Price: $4,500.00
Weinbau und Kellerwirtshaft [Viticulture and Enology]. Franz Zweifler.