Lady Maud Warrender’s recipe for Barley Water.

[no date; circa 1930].

Typed recipe on Hamburg-Amerika Linie stationery (20 x 15.75 cm.), one leaf, printed verso only. A single recipe, "Barley Water", typed on a sheet of stationery from the Hamburg-Amerika Linie, and identified as supplied by Lady Maude Warrender. Lady Maude Warrender was the daughter of the eight Earl of Shaftsbury. She was the first president of the British Women’s Symphony Orchestra, and sang at its first public concert in London in 1924. She was also president of the Poetry Society of Great Britain. She married Vice Admiral George John Scott Warrender in 1894. One can only wonder what precipitated Lady Maud Warrender to type her recipe for Barley Water, apparently while aboard a ship of the Hamburg-Amerika Line. Barley water is, of course, a near-globally employed concoction, from the fast-breaking of the Eleusinian Mysteries, to use as one of the first baby foods, to a thirst quenching drink in Latin countries, to the sweetened version mixed with fruit juice served by the British at Wimbledon. More likely, she was offering it as a digestive aid. Some light creasing and one fold-line through the center, otherwise fine.

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