Three Unused Bills of Fare.

Portsmouth N.H. Millers & Gray & Portsmouth Chronicle Print, 1852; [?]; 1862.

Three broadsheet menus, printed versos only (24 x 15 cm.; 25 x 13 cm.; 31x 13 cm.). Decorative typographic borders. Each of the three menus is from a different establishment, all located in Portsmouth, N.H. in the 1850s through 60s. The menus are printed, with the daily fare left blank t be handwritten on the occasion. But the categories are listed: soup, boiled, roast, vegetables, relishes, puddings and pastry… The Winnicummett House menu is interesting in that it starts with a “Chowder” course, and at the bottom has a short beverage list: “Madeira, Sherry, Port, Claret, and Champagne, Wines, Scotch Ale, Bottled Cider, Porter, and Cream Ale.” Light staining and crumpling, one small corner clipped, still very good.

Price: $450.00