The Hong Kong Association of London, Letter Book [Manuscript Cookery Collection].

[Likely London: circa 1875-1922].

Tall quarto (32.5 x 20 cm.), 30 pages (all used). A letter book, repurposed as a recipe collection, with sixty-four handwritten recipes, and an additional thirty-four recipes on separate slips of paper pasted-, tipped-, or laid-in. Additional slips of paper with business information, "James Fulton & Co., Ham Curers and Provisioners" of Glasgow, "Laou-Kai-Fook Co., Silks, Satins, Crepes, Gauzes..." of Shanghai, or "Mrs. Field, Accordion Pleating". Written in one hand, with some of the added items in various hands, the recipes include: Apple Jelly, Mince Meat, Christmas Pudding, Risoles, Salmon Croquettes, Curried Prawns, Spring Medicine [?], Devonshire [?] Apricot Eggs, To Wash White Straw Hats, For Washing Hair, To Destroy Beetles, Ginger Bread, Chocolate Pudding, Scotch Eggs, White Vegetable Soup, [ill.], Kedgeree, Dough Nuts, Cauliflower au Gratin, Cocoanut Pudding, Pastry, Fillets of Plaice, Apricots a la [ill.], London Buns, Snow Eggs, Porcini a la Creme, [another], Winchester Pudding, Custard, A Savoury or breakfast dish, Chelsea Pudding, Pepper for Flavouring, Plain Sponge, A Savoury, Cherry Cake, Ragout of Kidney "Excellent", Orange Pudding, Gateau of French Plums, Fig Pudding, Cocoanut Buns, Rice Biscuits, Fried Kidneys, Captain's Biscuits, Date Roll Pudding, [ill.] Fritters, Carraway Cake, Hunter's Pudding, Pembroke Pudding, Apricot Soufflé, Good Sauce for Fish, Croquettes de Vermicelli, Chocolate Biscuits, Tomato + Rice Mould, Railway Pudding "very good", Cheese Pudding "excellent", Cornflour Pudding, Washington Pudding, Tartlets of Cheese, Swiss Roll, Dutch Sweetbreads, Empire Pudding, Almond Biscuits, Croquette a la Cardinal, Tea Scones, Fleischkuechle (now this is an interesting inclusion!), Rice Biscuits, Patent Reviver, Cheese Straws, Norman Pie, Amber Pudding, Orange Marmalade, Oatmeal Pudding, Excellent Soft Gingerbread, Scotch Short Bread "very good indeed", [ill. Pastry, Sultan's Cake, Sole a la Portland, Mayonnaise Sauce, Aspic, Chocolate Blanc-Mange, Brazil Cakes, A Savoury Lobster "red crumbs may be purchased at Wm. [ill.] The Post Office, Vauxhall Bridge Rd. S.W.", Brussel Sprout Purée, Stewed Brisket of Beef, Cassell Pudding, Marmalade, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Icing, Cocoanut Cakes, Croutons a la Cardinal, Receipt for Sheeps Head, Small Fruit Cake, Receipt for Baking Powder, Boil Haggis, Stuffed Tomatoes, Oat Cakes, Marmalade (R.G. Riddock), Substitute for Potatoes, Baked Maize Pudding, Maize Drops. ~ A.G. Angier was the son of the editor and proprietor of the London and China Express (alternately the London and China Telegraph, 1858-1921). Later he became publisher of the long running periodical himself, reporting commercial, political, and cultural news of China, Japan, Malaya, Siam, and beyond. In 1905, his of The Far East Revisited was published. His extensive travel in the region made him a keen observer and reporter of Asian activities. While Angier spent a great deal of time in both Tokyo and Hong Kong, his home was London, and so we place the collection in London. The date range of the collection is based on few recipes which include some date information. A late collection, but with an interesting origin, and containing a good number of unusual recipes. A few leaves excised at an early date; staining to some leaves, and some leaves starting to pull a bit. In full calf, blind decorated and titled in gilt. Worn at the corners and generally scuffed. Good or a bit better.

Price: $750.00