1. Rorande det af Herr Henrik Gahn upptakta medlet, aseptin, att fran forskamming bevara kott och organiska amnen I allmanhet; 2. Henrik Gahn och hans “uppfinningar” Amykos och Aseptin; 3. Beskrifing ofver anvadandet at Henrik Gahns Patenterade Aseptin; 4. Amykos [broadside]; 5. flyer for Meyer Zadig’s “Tymolin”; 6. 29 contemporary pharmaceutical labels.

[Sweden – various places: various, 1869-1889].

Five works bound together, all FIRST EDITIONS. Henrik Gahn (1820-1874) invented the first antiseptics to be used in Sweden, which he called “Aseptin” and “Amykos”, the first being a secret preparation containing boric acid, used for preserving articles of food, which he patented in 1869; the second for use as a mouthwash and disinfectant. The eponymous firm based on his work, Henrik Gahn AB of Uppsala, stayed in family ownership until 1949, and in some form still exists today. The first pamphlet is inscribed by Gahn to J.G. Winnberg (1824-1899) owner of a village drugstore in Leksand, Sweden, who moved to America and practiced pharmacy in Jamestown, NY. Rare. [OCLC records one copy of Amykos och Aseptin (National Library of Sweden); the other works are not located by OCLC].

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