[Collection of pharmaceutical formulas]. Henri.-Hubertus, Van der AA, Med. Doct. A Breé, 1801.

Breé: [circa 1801].

Octavo (16.5 x 10 cm.), 1-159, 170 (contiguous)-175, [176-205] pages. The title page has a neat decorative border in pen and ink, and the hand is neat and quite legible throughout. ~ Evidently two recipe collection recorded in Latin in one volume. Combined the work contains approximately nine hundred fifty recipes for various botanical and medico-pharmaceutical remedies and medicines, including preparations against rheumatism, arthritis, itching, birth pains, etc. The first part – which appears to be unpublished – occupies the initial 158 pages of the work, and contains approximately five hundred fifty recipes, in a rough alphabetical order. About the compiler of this first part, Henri-Hubert Van der AA, we have located little. The second part of the text (159 ff.) is labeled “C.F. Reuss, Dispens. universale”, and appears to be a fair copy drawn from the Dispensatorium Universale seu lexicon chemico-pharmaceuticum ad tempora nostra accommodatum of Dr. Christian Frederick Reuss, (first published Argentorati [Strasbourg] in 1786, and then again in 1791. The formulae – approximately four hundred recipes – in the Dispensatorium Universale, offered in alphabetical order, are more detailed than the first part as they give both recipe and the circumstances in which the remedy can be used. Reuss was a Danish-born German botanist and professor of medicine at the University of Tübingen, 1745-1813, and author of a number of important botanical and medico-pharmaceutical works. Subjects include Forumla Emitica, Linctus Expectorantes, F. Tonica Digestivae, F. Absinth, F. Antihysterica, Ad Scabiem, Contra Herpetem, F. Anti-rheumatica, F. Anti-arthriticae, Ad Icterum, Ad morbos, Ad epilepsium, Aqua Opthalmica, Bacilli, Ceratum Saturni, Decoctum Lusitanicum, Elixir Proprietat. Paracelsi, Confectio Japonica, Balsamodendron of Lucatelli, Oleum Absinthii, and many others. Some of the recipes have attributions, and names include Matthews, Hoffmann, Sydenham, Richard, Millar, Rosenstein, Plencki, Klein, and Brickmann. ~ Contemporary paste paper over half sheepskin, on raised bands; boards and edges rubbed, corners rounded. Generally, near very good.

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