Eskimo Cook Book. Prepared By Students of the Shishmaref Day School, Shishmaref, Alaska.

Anchorage: Alaska Crippled Children's Association, [circa 1952].

Duodecimo-size, stapled booklet (13.25 x 10.5 cm.), [ii], 1-36, [ii] pages. Illustrated. Table of contents. Title from cover. Publisher from page [i] and date of publication from page [ii]. ~ Second printing. Now with changes in pagination; the “Consent to Print” is on the verso of the title page, and the rear contains an order form and advertisements for additional items for sale. The artwork (also drawn by "R. Seetomona”), depicts the same image of a young woman sitting near a stove, but the stylized lettering (with title letters formed from images of fish or seal drying on a line) is clearer and a bit more complex, the young woman’s haircut is longer and parted in the middle, and the pot on the stove has five heat lines instead of six. All other issues of this work we have examined have had this artwork, and have been printed in black on colored wrappers. And all other issues contain an order form (in various configurations) as well as lists of other items for sale. ~ Eighty attributed recipes gathered from Inupiaq students participating in a school project and electing "to share the profits with the Alaska Crippled Children's Association" (page ii). In some cases, latitude is required to explain the lack of detail in recipes contributed by children, for example: "Owl. Take feathers off from owl. Clean owl and put in cooking pot. Have lots of water in pot. Add salt to taste." But in other cases, details are generously given, as in the caution provided for Willow Meats (with seal oil): "Never eat green stuff on willows" and in another when preparing mouseleaves (Pick'Nick): "Maybe the white men don't like them." Other delicacies: Mazue Root (Eskimo potato), Eskimo Ice cream (with reindeer tallow), Baked Seal Liver, Walrus Stew, Oogruk (i.e., bearded seal), Intestine Soup, and Seal Flippers. A cooperative venture between the public Day School in Shishmaref in the far north–on Sarichef Island (north of the Bering Strait)–and the Alaska Crippled Children's Association, founded by a women's organization in Anchorage to fund orthopedic care for some twelve hundred children in Alaska then in dire need. Isabelle B. Bingham (b. 1900) and her husband Herbert C. Bingham (1893-1965) were Alaska Native Service schoolteachers who taught in Shishmaref between 1948 and 1956. In 2002, fearing that life would no longer be possible on Sarichef owing to the effects of global climate change, the inhabitants of Shishmaref voted in referendum to relocate. But moving a village of five hundred has proved daunting, and most residents as well as the school remain on the island as of this writing. In stapled, black-decorated terra cotta wrappers; upper stained at back corners, chip to lower right corner; rear panel with closed tear. Good. [OCLC locates numerous copies, some (mis)credited to the teacher who penned the introductory note; a presumed second edition (1960) and third (1972) are documented; Brown 11 (undated); not in Cagle].

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