Det bästa af allt: bibliotek för Sveriges kvinnor, rådgifvare i hvarje hem, af fackbildade på olika områden.

Stockholm: Nordiska Bokförlaget, 1909-1911.

Octavo, 36 fascicles in 19, three pagination sequences. Lacking one signature, page 51-62 in Häft. 3-4. Complex pagination throughout. Eleven leaves with color illustrations. With advertisements on the covers. Serial publication boasting The Best of Everything: Library for Swedish Women; accretions gathered under three headings: I. Fråga mig! Handbok för hemmet; II. Praktisk kokbok för hemmet; III. Handbok i varukännedom. Signatures apparently intended for later separation and sequencing in order to produce three volumes, as indicated by the headings (Ask me! Handbook for home; Practical cookbook for home; Handbook of trade knowledge). A considerable amount of culinary and food production information is distributed primarily throughout sections two and three. While including diet recommendations, issues under the first heading lean heavily towards the care of children in the broadest sense. The third heading, however, includes much of relevance to the kitchen, for instance, guides to cuts of meat as well as recipes and equipment for the production of medicaments. The second heading – the cookbook section – contains not only recipes suitable for the Swedish home, methods for preserving foods, and alcohol tables for spirits, but also instructions for distinguishing between leafy plants in the vegetable garden and fruits from the orchard (for instance, more than forty varieties of pear). Incomplete, as noted above, but still substantially present. Issues in original wrappers, with some edgewear and light soiling throughout. The first two of the volume binders (chemises, really) also present, red with gold lettering and black line drawings and borders. [OCLC locates only one set of the three volumes, at the Swedish National Library].

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