Small archive of items related to classic Tiki bartender Alex Stergios.

Circa 1930.

Five pieces of Tiki-bar related ephemera, including: a photograph of Alex Stergios, inscibed to Dick Gump in Taihiti in 1930; Gump's Guest Membership Card in the Tahiti Yacht Club, two labels for the "Alex Rainbow Cocktail" and a handbill for Stergios' Rendevous club in San Francisco. Stergios was the bartender at the Tahiti Yacht Club in Papeete, Tahiti. Later after moving to the states, he was co-owner, with Nino Brambilla, of Sergios' Original Tahiti Club, and Stergios' Rendezvous, both located at Grant and Francisco in San Francisco. Dick Gump was the owner of the famous Gump's Department Store and a member of the early wave of Americans who lived at least part time in Tahiti. He was also a songwriter who composed a number of songs about the South Pacific, several of which were recorded by Augie Gaupil and his Royal Tahitians, who appear on the handbill as the entertainment. This little collection illustrates a small piece of the migration of South Pacific bar culture into the US. Generally very good.

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