H.H. Hatch & Co., (successors to Skeels & Hatch), Importers and wholesale dealers in pure Rye & Bourbon Whiskies. 125 River Street, Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland, OH: H.H. Hatch & Co., [circa 1870].

Trade card, (7 x 12cm). Printed one side in black and gold, on pale red card stock. The 1886 Directory, Leading Manufacturers and Merchants of the City of Cleveland and Environs, describes the firm as follows. "One of the best-known houses in Cleveland is that of H. B. Hatch & Co.', importers and wholesale liquor dealers. This house dates its foundation from 1855, and from that time was continued successfully by the firm of Hillyard & Hatch, who were succeeded by Skeels & Hatch, then followed Skeels, Hatch & Co., who in turn were succeeded by H. H. Hatch & Co. In 1879 the firm was Hatch & Zangerle, and in 1885 the present firm of H. B. Hatch & Co., composed of H. B. Hatch and Cass H. Hatch, sons of Mr. H. H. Hatch, succeeded to the entire business, and under their able administration of affairs the trade has been increased and the facilities enlarged so as to meet all demands. The business house is 25x100 feet in extent and is well arranged, and contains a large stock and valuable assortment of the finest wines from the vineyards of the most distinguished growers of France and other parts of Europe, also choice brandies, gins, etc., of the firm's own importation, and the finest American wines, brandies, etc., and the choicest old Bourbon and rye whiskies, the best made in the land. These goods are all of high, standard quality, and command the attention of the trade, a large business being carried on by the firm with all parts of the States of Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, etc. The Messrs. Hatch are both of Cleveland, where they were born and brought up, and as merchants and useful citizens stand high in commercial and financial circles. Mr. C. H. Hatch is a member of the Royal Arcanum.". Some light discoloration to verso, otherwise very good or better.

Price: $150.00