[Collection of Canning Pamphlets].

Various: 1915-1975.

Pamphlets and booklets in a range of sizes (not exceeding 28 x 21.5 cm.). A collection of thirty-two instructional pamphlets on the topic of home-canning and commercially canned products issued primarily by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and companies whose products are used in the canning process. USDA publications represented include partial runs of Farmers’ Bulletin and Home and Garden Bulletin and those produced by subdivisions including the Department of Home Economics, the National War Garden Commission, and regional Cooperative Extensions. Product books include those created by the National Pressure Cooker Company, Leslie Salt, Ball Brothers Company, Karo Corn Syrup, American Can Company, Nash-Kelvinator Corporation, Sears, Roebuck and Co., General Foods, Condon Brothers (seeds), and more. In its entirety the collection demonstrates the evolving methods of home-canning from cold-pack canning to oven canning, open kettle canning and more as well as the how/why of commercial canning. Various timetables and methods for canning specific food types including fruits, vegetables, and meats are also explored in-depth. The span of sixty years represented in the collection illustrates the boom of domestic canning during both World Wars and demonstrates the shifts and continuity in processes. A range of conditions, but mostly near very good to very good.

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