Poulson’s Historical Events and General Information.

Philadelphia: J.C. Poulson, proprietor of Poulson’s Restaurants, 813 Walnut St. circa 1880.

(19 x 12.7 cm.), 63 pages. A four-page bill of fare enhanced with a guide to Philadelphia, historical facts, poetry, literature and more. The menu features the Poulson’s Specialties: Tenderloin Steak, Diamond Back Terrapin, Broiled Chicken, and Chincoteague Roast among other items including cold meats, oysters, malt liquors, champagne wines, and other wines such as Poulson’s Celebrated Concord Pure Grape Juice Wine, from his own Vineyard. Following the menu is a directory to Poulson’s Art Gallery, which includes some original work but primarily displays copies of masterpieces by Titian, Guido, and more. The remainder of the booklet is comprised of a mélange of information from a list of Philadelphia weeklies and sites worth visiting to Antony’s Address to the Romans, the biographies of U.S. Presidents and a description of Freemasonry, concluding with John C. Poulson’s musings on his life experience. Poulson’s Restaurant was established in 1847 on Walnut Street adjoining the old Central Theatre. The establishment was noted for its art gallery and notably came under scrutiny after the ratification of the Brook’s License Act in 1889 when a citizen filed a remonstrance against the renewal of Poulson’s license based upon the supposed indecency of the paintings. The restaurant and adjacent theater burned in a fire in April of 1892. In a chipped and slightly stained heather blue wrappers with only the slightest interior foxing and stains, otherwise very good. Rare. [OCLC locates one copy (Hagley Museum)].

Price: $300.00