Thayer's One Hundred Formulas, a Handbook of Special and Practical Information and Knowledge. Price one dollar.

Boston: J.H. Hartley, Printer, 1883.

Octavo-sized booklet, 30 pages. First edition. An interesting collection of recipes medicinal and otherwise drawn from vegetable chemistry. Includes medicines, syrups, extracts, tinctures, infusions, concentrations, balms, ointments, washes, liniments, drops, powders, solutions, uses in wine, uses as food supplements, hair restoratives, creams, & hair dyes, hair pomades, deodorizing powder, skin creams, cough remedies, herbals, flowers, roots, seeds, sugar coated pills, fragrant oils, cooking extracts, teas, biscuits, puddings, sodas, dyes, ink, druggist colors, home remedies, and much more. There are a good number of recipes for soda water and bitters, including some odd ones like Peruvian Tonic Bitters. Internally very good, in stained printed wrappers, with one small corner chip. [OCLC locates eight copies].

Price: $100.00