Recept Buch für Matilde Lehmann in Liebemuehl. 1853.

Liebemuehl, Prussia: 1853.

Octavo (20.5 x 17 cm.), 140 pages. Text in German, in one neat hand. A cookery book created for Matilde Lehmann of Milomlyn, Poland, formally Liebemuehl in the Province of Prussia. Contains two hundred eighty-six food recipes scaled for household use and partially indexed at the front. Written in narrative form, the recipes include a wide variety of desserts such as puddings, cakes, and torts as well as instructions for various dumplings and soups. The majority of recipes are annotated in red ink with either a backslash, X, or circle. Catchwords are also consistent throughout text. Title page is inscribed in blue ink with the name Jeanette Danielowski. Along edge of page eighty-four appears “R. Danielowski 1860 Auguste Lehmann 186[0?]” It is probable that this cookbook emigrated from Prussia to the United States. Immigration records show a Matilde Lehmann arriving to the US in 1886 circa age forty-one to forty-seven. Genealogical records indicate an Auguste (born in 1836) marrying into Lehmann family and a daughter Auguste Lehmann born in Prussia in 1860. In faded and worn blue wrappers, edges are chipped throughout. Pages seventy-nine through ninety-two have become disbound from wrapper. There is insect damage to pages ninety-three through ninety-six and margin deterioration to pages one hundred-seventeen through one hundred-forty; the text is minimally affected. Otherwise very good.

Price: $750.00