[Collection of 30 Vermont Jelly and Preserves Labels].

Brattleboro, VT: Brattleboro Jelly Company, circa 1890.

30 labels (various sizes between 6 x 6 cm. and 10.5 x 13 cm.). Full-color lithographs produced by several printers including Forbes Lithograph Company of Boston and Brooks Bank Note Company, also of Boston. Among this collection are sixteen labels for A.L. Blair’s pickle products including sweet pickles, piccalilli, mustard relish, chow chow, horseradish, onions, wine vinegar, and cauliflower; six Brattleboro Jelly Company brand maple syrup labels; and two labels for King Arthur brand chow chow. Very minor chipping and crease marks to a few labels, otherwise fine.

Price: $500.00