[Broadside] Stratton and Crouder's Manufactory and Warehouse, Near the Magdalen, Blackfriers-Road, For the Following New and Patent Inventions.

[London]: [circa 1795].

Broadside, 40.2 x 23.9/22.5 cm. Illustrated with elaborate engravings. Large broadside advertising the "Patent Anti-fuelist Smoak-Jack", the "Patent Magic Stove", and "Patent Alarums, to prevent House-Breaking or Accidents by Fire". With just a 12-inch fire, the "Patent Anti-fuelist Smoak-Jack, &c." can roast roast, boil, broil, and fry the length of 6 feet "at the same Time that it heats a large Oven", illustrating, seemingly, the influence of Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford's 1790s experiments with radiant heat and various contemporary improvements to fuel-efficiency. Good for laundry and also portable, "Cooking may be performed in the Field or open Air... a Machine, with Table and Cooking Apparatus, to dress Dinner for the most extensive purpose, may be packed up in 2 Feet 6 Inches square, and unpacked and heated ready for the above extraordinary purpose in 15 minutes." Detailed diagram with key illustrations various attributes, including the smoke-jack that enables spit-roasting vertically and horizontally. Large engraving of Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom appears at the top of the broadside. Printed on paper with 1795 watermark. Unevenly trimmed margin and fold creases, otherwise very good. [RLIN-ESTC indicates British Library only].

Price: $2,750.00
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