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A Country Brewer
A Lady
A Lady of New York; [Mrs. T. J. Crowen]; Charles A Lee
[A Lady]
A Medical Practitioner and a Lady Professor of Cookery
A Practical Housekeeper
[A Practical Liquor Manufacturer]
A. Johnson Machine Works
A. L. -E. [Audot, Louis-Eustache]
A. R. Disney
[A.L. Scovill & Co.]
A.P. Ordway, Proprietors of Sulphur Bitters
[Acts & Ordinances - Dutch Baker's Guild]
[Acts & Ordinances – Salted and Pickled Salmon & Salted & Dried Cod; King George III]
[Acts & Ordinances: Bread]
[Acts & Ordinances: Coffee, Sugar Trade]
[Acts & Ordinances: Corn, Maize]
[Acts & Ordinances: Salted Beef, Pork, Bacon, and Butter]
Adams, Charlotte
Adams, Jean Prescott (pseud. Leona A. Malek)
[Advertising Hand-fan]. Geo[rge] W. Smith & Son, Manufacturing Bakers and Confectioners
[Agricultural Fair – Orange County Agricultural Society (Bradford, Vermont)]
; Akahori, Minekichi; [Fujokai-sha (Women's World)]
[Alaska Crippled Children's Association, Students of the Shishmaref Day School]; [Isabelle B. Bingham]
Albert, B
Alberto Larbalétrier
[Album - wine labels].
Alcott, Wm. A. [William Andrus]
[Aldrovandi]; Lind, L.R. (Translator)
Allen, Ida Bailey
Allen, Ida Bailey [Ida Cogswell Bailey Allen]
Allen, J. Fisk
[Almanac – Centaur Company (New York, NY)
[Almanac]; World's Dispensary Medical Association
[Alternatives! Foundation (Berkeley, Calif.)]
[American Distilling Company] Russell Patterson, illustrator
[American Trade Council. Publication Division (South Bend, Ind.)]; [Howard Johnson]
American Women's Club of Tunisia. (Gretzinger, Barbara, editor)
Amerine, Maynard A.; Axel E. Borg
Ames Plow & Farming Implements and Machines
Amiet, Ernest E
Amis, Kingsley
An American Lady
Anctil, Jeanne
Annin, R. Edwards Jr
[Anti-Temperance – "A New England Journalist"]
Apicius, Marcus Gavius
Apicius: Flower, Barbara & Elisabeth Rosenbaum
Apicius; Flower, Barbara & Elisabeth Rosenbaum
Apicius; [edited and translated by Joseph Dommers Vehling]
Appert, M.
Aresty, Esther B
Arkell, Bartlett; [Beech-Nut Packing Company, (Canajoharie, N.Y.)]
Asbury, Herbert
Ashworth, Thomas
Astor, Mrs. Jane
Athenaeus Naucratites; Bedrott, Jakob
Atkinson, Edward
Atkinson, Edward; with Mrs. Ellen Richards. [U.S. Department of Agriculture]
Attar, Dena
Auchter, E.C. & H.B. Knapp
Aunt Kate